Friday, 15 March 2019


Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1 (2019) Implementing online learning: Stories from the field

This special issue seeks to showcase innovative and progressive features of contemporary university online learning and teaching through illustrative case studies. Each case study highlights at least one critical issue associated with online learning and teaching, with an accompanying discussion of the key theoretical and practical implications of the issue and reference to situated examples of teaching practices from the case. The use of case studies emphasises the theory-practice nexus and seeks to highlight not only good practice, but emerging practice. Individually, the case studies illustrate a range of teaching and learning practices which represent specific, situated advances in online learning practices in HE. Together, the case studies provide a snapshot of flexible, technology-enhanced teaching in Australian universities in 2018 and contribute to the growing record of good practice in online learning in Australian HE.

Journal Articles

Lessons learned from implementing remotely invigilated online exams
Joshua Cramp, John F. Medlin, Pheobe Lake, and Colin Sharp
Successful team-based development of an online course with an external partner: An analysis of the perspectives of academics
Sharon Croxford, Colleen Thomas, Deanna Horvath, Melissa Buultjens, Emma Stirling, Amy Larsen, Tania Roman Stasis, Jessica Radcliffe, Phil Buultjens, Stuart McDonald, and Adrienne Forsyth
Implementing work-integrated learning in online construction management courses
Diana Quinn, Edward Cioffi, Steve Hill, Mat Kor, Anna-Clare Longford, Robert Moller, and Pramila Rathore

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