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Journal special edition on Compassionate Pedagogy Special Issue on Compassionate Pedagogy with Kathryn Waddington, University of Westminster. Published: 2018-12-08 Editorial, JPAAP Vol 6, Issue 3, 2018 Kathryn Waddington 1-2 Original Research Toward the Implementation of Contemplative Practices in Higher Education Valerie Bonnardel, Terry Biddington, Brandon May, Rhiannon Jones, Simon Roffey 3-13 Seeking Compassion in the Measured University Martha Caddell, Kimberly Wilder 13-23 Reflective Analysis Papers ‘The Truth About Stories’ Lisa Dickson, Tracy Summerville 24-29 Reflecting with Compassion on Student Feedback Wendy Anne Lowe 30-41 Achieving Moralised Compassion in Higher Education Alison MacKenzie, Tess Maginess, Dr 42-48 The Compassionate University Juliet Jennifer Trail, Tim Cunningham 49-56 Case Studies Addressing Students’ Mental Health in a ‘Sustainable Societies’ Class Phoebe Christina Godfrey, Julianne Frechette, Jessica Larkin-Wells 57-6