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Short summary of activity theory

Very good, brief summary of activity theory

Journal of Pedagogic Development

Journal of Pedagogic Development : New Edition: Vol 5, No 1 (2015): JPD 5(1) Table of Contents Papers Open Futures: An enquiry- and skills- based educational programme developed for primary education and its use in tertiary education M. James C. Crabbe, Lucy O'Rorke, Eamonn Egan, Ali Hadawi PDF   HTML The learning approaches of A Level History and Geography students analysed: a Report from a Sixth Form College David William Stoten PDF   HTML I am not a superhero but I do have secret weapons! Using technology in Higher Education teaching to redress the power balance Michelle Blackburn PDF   HTML ‘So, you want us to do the marking?!’ – peer review and feedback to promote assessment as learning Caroline Elbra-Ramsay, Anita Backhouse PDF   HTML Teaching Programming with Computational and Informational Thinking Greg Michaelson PDF   HTML Raising Awareness of Diversity and Social (In)justice Issues in Undergraduate Research Writing: Understanding Students and their Lives vi

You don't need to take notes - the slides will be available......

One of the things that I notice when I observe lectures is that either very few students make any notes, or students have laptops and make occasional notes while watching the powerpoint on their screen.  There are a number of issues here: Is note taking a necessary academic/professional skill - I often notice that when I give the observation feedback the lecturer general makes notes - we do make notes, and our students don't - is this a problem. When the laptop option becomes predominant there are other problems - in giving feedback to a lecturer I often comment on their eye contact with the students - if there aren't any students looking at the lecturer - that becomes problematic. At a deeper level there is a question about the value of handwritten note-taking, I use my tablet a lot so I am not sure about this - but two recent articles about the importance of handwritten notes -   and http://blogs.kqed.

Higher Education politics becoming hotter again?

Across the globe there have been recent outbursts of activity about the nature of Universities, funding etc, from Chile to Canada and now Holland - is this going to develop into a new wave of student protest?

FW: Studies in Higher Education: latest articles on Taylor & Francis Online

  The online platform for Taylor & Francis Online content New for Studies in Higher Education and online now on Taylor & Francis Online : Facets of academic excellence in management education: conceptualization and instrument development in India Amit Shukla & Shailendra Singh DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2014.999316 The importance of networks in the transnational mobility of higher education students: attraction and satisfaction of foreign mobility students at a public university Eugénia Pedro & Mário Franco DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2014.999321 Labour-market orientation and approaches to studying – a study of the first Bologna Students at a Swedish Regional University Anders Nelson & Mikael Sandberg DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2015.1007942 Undergraduate student responses to feedback: expectations and experiences Felicity Small & Kath Attree DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2015.1007944