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Journal of Academic Writing

Journal of Academic Writing: "Vol 7, No 1 (2017)
Table of Contents
Editorial and Production Credits (Vol. 7 No. 1 Summer 2017)
Journal of Academic Writing
Editorial: Sharing Pedagogic Practice for Motivating and Developing Student Writing
George Ttoouli, Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams
Limitations of Corrective Feedforward: A Call for Resubmission Practices to become Learning-oriented
Mark Carver
Expanding Learning Spaces for Second Language Writers: A Writing Partners Project Across Program Boundaries
Sophia Zevgoli, Evi Dilaveri
Revision Processes in First Language and Foreign Language Writing: Differences and Similarities in the Success of Revision Processes
Esther Odilia Breuer
‘We would be well advised to agree on our own basic principles’: Schreiben as an Agent of Discipline-Building in Writing Studies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein
Andrea Scott

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Monday, 14 August 2017

FW: Journal of Experiential Education Vol. 40, No. 3, September 1, 2017 is now available online



Table of Contents Alert
Journal of Experiential Education- Volume: 40, Number: 3 (September 2017)



Letter from the Editor

Jayson Seaman


Experientially Learning and Teaching in a Student-Directed Classroom

Mary Breunig


Unstable Ground: Unearthing the Realities of Experiential Education in Teacher Education

Jocelyn Glazier, Cheryl Bolick, Christoph Stutts


Applying Kolb's Model to a Nontraditional Preservice Teaching Practicum

Amy Burns, Patricia Danyluk


Socio-Spatial Analysis of Study Abroad Students' Experiences in/of Place in Morocco

Jennifer M. Pipitone, Chitra Raghavan


International Service-Learning: Rethinking the Role of Emotions

Marianne A. Larsen


The Challenge Course Experience Questionnaire: A Facilitator's Assessment Tool

David P. Schary, Alexis L. Waldron


An Experiential Approach to Sport for Youth Development

Tarkington J. Newman, M. Antonio G. Alvarez, Melissa Kim

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FW: New OnlineFirst articles available for Active Learning in Higher Education

OnlineFirst Alert

These new articles for Active Learning in Higher Education are available online

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The flipped classroom: Does viewing the recordings matter?

Thamar Melanie Heijstra, Margrét Sigrún Sigurðardóttir
Active Learning in Higher Education
Aug 8, 2017
| OnlineFirst


Technology-supported collaborative concept maps in classrooms

Omer Faruk Islim
Active Learning in Higher Education
Aug 10, 2017
| OnlineFirst


Faculty and undergraduate student perceptions of an integrated mentoring approach

Nicola Livingstone, Nicola Naismith
Active Learning in Higher Education
Aug 10, 2017
| OnlineFirst


Critical Pedagogy and assessment in higher education: The ideal of 'authenticity' in learning

Maria Martinez Serrano, Mark O'Brien, Krystal Roberts, David Whyte
Active Learning in Higher Education
Aug 10, 2017
| OnlineFirst

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Monday, 7 August 2017

FW: Journal of Pedagogic Development: July 2017: New Issue


The Summer 2017 issue of the Journal of Pedagogic Development is now published. Please visit:


We hope you enjoy this issue.


Vol 7, Issue 2 July 2017

Table of Contents


A Critical Approach to Global Citizenship in Initial Teacher Training in the UK

Anthony Stockford, James Shea



Global Universities in Local Contexts: Fostering Critical Self-reflection and Citizenship at Branch Campuses

Sara M. C. Felix, Ariane Smart



Education for Citizenship: Measuring the Impact on Learners of the Community-Based Learning Program in Palestine

Abdel Karim Daragmeh, Emad Basheer Dawwas



Sharedthinking: A Social Identity Approach to Critical Thinking

Nicholas Bowskill



Global Citizenship and Critical Thinking in Higher Education Curricula and Police Education: A Socially Critical Vocational Perspective

Sam Peach, Ray Clare



A Diachronic Analysis of the Cultural Aspect of Local English Coursebooks

Mahdi Dahmardeh, Abbas Parsazadeh, Hossein Parsazadeh



Developing a Cross-Age Teaching Programs: The Benefits to the Student ‘Teachers’

Carmen S. Dixon




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Dr David Mathew, PhD, MA, PGCE, SFHEA

Centre for Learning Excellence

University of Bedfordshire

Park Square F305

Luton LU1 3JU



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FW: New Issue of LATISS

LATISS Celebrates 10 Years!

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of Learning and Teaching is available. The focal point of this special issue is universities that are run by and for the benefit of students, academics and the public. Contributions cover topics such as free universities, participatory organisational structures, 'beneficial owners' and more.

Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of LATISS and receive a 20% discount on subscriptions.

Please visit the Berghahn website for more information about the journal:

Volume 10, Issue 1
Recreating universities for the public good: Pathways to a better world Susan Wright and Davydd J. Greenwood

'Insane with courage': Free university experiments and the struggle for higher education in historical perspective Sarah Amsler

Pedagogies of resistance: Free universities and the radical re-imagination of study Fern Thompsett

Universities run for, by, and with the faculty, students and staff: Alternatives to the neoliberal destruction of higher education Susan Wright and Davydd J. Greenwood

Resources for hope: Ideas for alternatives from heterodox higher education institutions Catherine Norma Butcher

There is an alternative: A report on an action research project to develop a framework for co-operative higher education Mike Neary and Joss Winn

Book Reviews
Barbara Grant and Penny Welch

Be sure to recommend Learning and Teaching to your institution's library:

Free Sample Issue: