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Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education

Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education (TLTHE) serves as a forum for the reflective work of college faculty and students working together to explore and enact effective classroom practice. Published three times per year, the journal is premised on the centrality to successful pedagogy of dialogue and collaboration among faculty and students in explorations and revisions of approaches to teaching and learning in higher education. The journal has several aims: ● To include student perspectives and voices in analyses, affirmations, and revisions of educational practice at the post-secondary level ● To offer windows onto the development of pedagogical insights that faculty and students gain when they collaborate on explorations of classroom practice and systematically reflect on that collaboration ● To create forums for dialogue between faculty and students whose work is featured in this journal and others engaged in similar work ● To explore in particular the c

Fwd: Latest issue of International Journal for Students as Partners (IJSaP) 3(2) is published

The 6th issue of the International Journal for Students as Partners (IJSaP) is available from In this issue you will find 16 manuscripts - 1 editorial, 5 research articles, 6 case studies, 2 reflective essays, 1 opinion piece, and 1 review. Together these contributions have been written by 26 faculty/staff and 18 students from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, UK and USA. The journal, which is hosted by McMaster University Library Press, is co-edited by students and staff/ faculty from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, and the US. Traditionally students have largely been excluded from engaging in academic publishing.1 If you enjoy this Issue we hope you will support the journal in a variety of ways including: a)      Writing for the journal in any of the genres we publish. Please contact us with your ideas. We encourage you to send us ( <mailto: >) your proposals for