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Cover Image Higher Education Quarterly
Volume 76, Issue 2
Including Special Issue on Internationalization of Higher Education in Pandemic Time in a Global and Comparative Perspective

Pages: 201-509

April 2022


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Pages: 201 | First Published:16 April 2022



    Internationalization of higher education in a post‐pandemic world: Challenges and responses
    Futao Huang, Daniela Crăciun, Hans de Wit

    Pages: 203-212 | First Published:16 March 2022


      Free Access
      A plague on higher education? COVID, Camus and Culture Wars in Australian universities
      Anthony Welch

      Pages: 213-229 | First Published:30 January 2022

        Remaking international higher education for an unequal world
        Ka Ho Mok, Youliang Zhang

        Pages: 230-246 | First Published:13 November 2021

          Free Access
          The COVID‐19 pandemic: The watershed moment for student mobility in Chinese universities?
          Min Li, Ni Ai

          Pages: 247-259 | First Published:21 February 2022

            Free Access
            Impacts of the COVID pandemic on international faculty's academic activities and life in Japan
            Futao Huang

            Pages: 260-275 | First Published:18 November 2021

              Europe's post‐pandemic internationalisation: Challenges and possibilities in a decidedly networked future
              Irina Ferencz, Laura E. Rumbley

              Pages: 276-292 | First Published:17 February 2022

                Free Access
                Internationalization in Russian universities during the pandemic of COVID‐19: Lessons for succeeding in the new reality
                Ekaterina Minaeva, Larisa Taradina

                Pages: 293-310 | First Published:03 April 2022

                  Moving internationalisation beyond exceptionalism using the MARS model
                  Fiona Hunter, Neil Sparnon, Paulina Latorre

                  Pages: 311-327 | First Published:13 March 2022

                    Open Access
                    The impact of COVID‐19 on international student enrolments in North America: Comparing Canada and the United States
                    Elizabeth Buckner, You Zhang, Gerardo L. Blanco

                    Pages: 328-342 | First Published:14 November 2021

                      Open Access
                      Global engagement in the post‐pandemic world: Challenges and responses. Perspective from the UK
                      Vangelis Tsiligkiris, Janet Ilieva

                      Pages: 343-366 | First Published:27 March 2022

                        OTHER ARTICLES

                        RESEARCH ARTICLES

                        Committed to their craft: Understanding the relationship between job crafting and work commitment among faculty in the United States
                        Jon McNaughtan, Russell Thacker, Dustin Eicke, Sydney Freeman

                        Pages: 367-384 | First Published:26 July 2021

                          Using network DEA to inform policy: The case of the teaching quality of higher education in England
                          Boon L. Lee, Jill Johnes

                          Pages: 399-421 | First Published:09 February 2021

                            Open Access
                            Changes in the study abroad gender gap: A European cross‐country analysis
                            Giorgio Di Pietro

                            Pages: 436-459 | First Published:13 March 2021

                              BOOK REVIEWS

                              Understanding the 'Underclass': Analysing the role of adjuncts in higher education
                              Michael Conklin

                              Pages: 478-482 | First Published:27 April 2021

                                A History of American Higher Education
                                Christopher M. Johnson

                                Pages: 483-485 | First Published:29 June 2021

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