Saturday, 27 July 2019

Fwd: NOW AVAILABLE - SEDA Special 43: Ten Ways to Investigate Research Supervision Practice

Ten Ways to Investigate Research Supervision Practice: Edited by Geof Hill and Sian Vaughan

Research supervision is an academic practice that is gaining growing attention. In this publication a number of supervisors share the methods they have used to investigate and reflect on their supervisory practice. The intention in sharing their diverse and creative ways modes of investigation, and the benefits in their own greater understanding of supervisory practice these have brought, is to encourage other supervisors to investigate their own research supervision as a practice in ways that are personally meaningful and beneficial to them. This Special discusses nine different ways research supervisors have investigated their practice and, in an open tenth way, encourages the reader to investigate their own practices.


Please go to the SEDA Website to order this publication.


A one day workshop, Investigating Research Supervision Practice, is being held in Birmingham City University on 4 September 2019. This workshop discusses the different forms that practitioner inquiry might take for research degree supervisors, and how supervisors can be supported in reflecting on and enhancing their practice through drawing on their pre-existing research skills and disciplinary knowledge. The workshop is facilitated by the editors of 10 ways to Investigate Research Supervision Practice (a copy is included in the price).


Please see SEDA Website to book a place.

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