Fwd: New Book for International Teachers in HE

More details at https://bit.ly/3no9vsb

This book responds to, and builds on, the needs identified in a wide-ranging 2020 survey of International and Transnational Teachers working in UK HE both in the UK and overseas.

Christopher Longman at Lancaster University says about the text:
"I really like the way it is written in an accessible style, with practical suggestions which 
make connections with readers' own teaching contexts and approaches."

Nuala is an Associate Professor and PGCHE Director in the School of Education, University of Nottingham and works across their UK, China and Malaysia campuses. 

Chris led the credit-bearing and accredited pathways of educational development programmes for staff at the University of Leeds for 22 years, and now works as an HE consultant supporting a number of universities.  He also set up and ran the successful International Staff Website from 2007 to 2015; his NTF project. 

Table of Contents

1. Key Features of UK Higher Education  2. Education in the UK  3. How Students Learn and What the Implications are for Teaching  4. Curriculum and Course Design  5. Teaching for Supporting Learning  6. Assessing and Giving Feedback  7. Supporting Students  8. On-going Development of Your Professional Practice  9. Key Terms, Glossaries and Abbreviations


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