Friday, 10 May 2019

Innovative Assessment in HE

Second edition of 'Innovative Assessment in Higher Education: a handbook for academic practitioners'.

With 17 new chapters from established and new authors we hope this will be of practical use to all those looking to develop or enhance their academic practice. Please circulate to colleagues. Use code FLR40 for a 20% discount.
It is a positive delight to endorse this new edition of ‘Innovative Assessment in Higher Education’ – a wonderful complement to ‘A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in HE’ (Edition 5, forthcoming 2019).  Looking through the lens of employers, policy makers, well-being experts, and, most importantly, individual students, the collection highlights the need for absolute clarity with respect to the purpose and role of assessment. The range of global offerings, different approaches (which include dialogic, and those drawing on technological enhancements), and clear overriding concerns for practical approaches to drive up student learning, all make this an essential text for colleagues committed to professionalizing their own approaches. This book is a great addition to the reading list of many an accredited programme,  I commend it to you!

Professor Stephanie Marshall, Vice-Principal (Education), Queen Mary University London

A thoroughly revised second edition of Innovative Assessment in Higher Education is a welcome addition to the literature addressing the ‘wicked problem’ of assessment. The collection offers plenty of food for thought for would-be innovators. Highly recommended.

Professor David Carless, University of Hong Kong

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